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why autoBuy

AutoBuy.IO has many different features that set it apart from its competitors. From the easy to work with API, to payment options, and even the support, there’s a lot to break down. ​

PayPal Partner

Being partnered with PayPal ensures that our merchants get the most seamless selling experience possible. It also allows for new features, like refunding payments right from your dashboard, and more.


Rather than customers using a third party wallet for accepting cryptocurrency on AutoBuy, We send all cryptocurrency to an on-site balance where users can withdraw the balance to any wallet they want.

Licensing System

As developers ourselves, we wanted to make the process of selling software a little easier. You are able to create a project and licenses or product keys are able to be generated upon purchase.

Webhooks & API

The API is easy to work with and understand. With support for many different languages, users are able to create discord bots, embed products onto their own website, and whatever else.

Shops and Teams

AutoBuy allows for an unlimited number of shops connected to your account. An upcoming update will introduce team members, so other users can have access to certain parts of your shops.


Suggestions and feedback from the community have helped make AutoBuy what it is. We care about the people using our platform. We not only have quick support, but we build trust with our users.