Fee Structure


AutoBuy.IO is an all in one payment processing and e-commerce solution. Whether you are selling digital goods, game items, or even software, AutoBuy gives you a platform to accept payments, send out orders, manage support tickets, and more. On top of any fees that the payment processor (PayPal or Stripe) may have, AutoBuy.IO also has a flat 3% fee on transactions. This is withdrawn automatically and can be viewed on a seller's order details.

The table below breaks down any fees on AutoBuy.

Processor Fees
PayPal 3% + gateway fees.
Stripe 3% + gateway fees.
Cryptocurrency 3% + handling fees.

Please Note: While we move our systems to another cryptocurrency partner Bitcoin withdrawals will have a fee of 0.0004 BTC. We do not have an eta on when this will be complete.

Below are some of AutoBuy.IO's features.

Partnered with PayPal
AutoBuy being partnered with PayPal ensures that users get the most seamless selling experience possible.
Rather than customers using a third party wallet we send all cryptocurrency to an on-site balance where users can withdraw the balance to any wallet they want.
Unlimited Shops
Unlimited shops, orders, products, and coupons on one account; no more having multiple accounts for each of your shops.
Licensing System
With our build in licensing system you are able to create a project and licenses or product keys are able to be generated upon purchase.
Webhooks and API
The API is easy to work with and understand. With support for many different languages, users are able to create discord bots, embed products onto their own website, and whatever else.
Sign and and discover more
Buying and selling digital items doesn't have to be hard. AutoBuy.IO helps make it easy.